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Что это за устройство? Впервые такое вижу :thinking:missing/deleted image from Google+

the processor is an Esp8266 on a Wemos D1. The triple sensor temperature, air pressure and humidity is a BME 280. The light is sampled over a voltage divider and a 3 kOhm resistor directly on the analog input. The software is the Arduino IDE, with the 8266 libraries, those for the I2C universal wire library, and that for the BME280. You have to open a free account there. The user interace requires no programming, just created visually and online.
процессор - Esp82666 на Wemos D1. Тройной датчик температуры, давления воздуха и влажности - BME 280. Отбор проб света осуществляется через делитель напряжения и резистор 3 кОм непосредственно на аналоговом входе. Программным обеспечением является IDE Arduino с библиотеками 82666, для - универсальная проводная библиотека I2C, а для BME280 - библиотека BME280. Там вы должны открыть бесплатный счет. Интерфейс пользователя не требует программирования, создается только визуально и онлайн,

@Walter_Rorschach WeMos D1 !? You completely changed it! I have several, but didn’t recognised yours! Awesome! We just started celebrating a new year yesterday, maybe that is the cause :grin: Happiest New Year! :slight_smile: Wish everybody to dive in love and let it fulfill us forever!

@Walter_Rorschach no need to translate for me, let it Google do! :slight_smile: Just use your language kindly and with respect, computers will do all the work (for those who love, only) :heart_eyes:

@Walter_Rorschach and yes, your guess is absolutely right, thank you! :wink: P.s. ah, I have helped you to guess! I wrote in Russian, sorry! :grinning:

@Walter_Rorschach Are you satisfied with BME precision? I compare BME280, DHT22, DS18B20 and mercury thermometer and DHT22 was nearest to mercury thermometer. Others has ±1°C.

Interface #500 has just such a sensor comparison. On page 92 they compared
BME280 ± 1.0’c
SHT31 ± 0.2’c
ADT7410 ± 0.5’c
mcp9808 ± 0.25’c

Also the humidity for the first two was
3% and 2%

More important was the slow drift with age that some don’t publish.

@Bunny_Evans очень интересно! Настолько, что захотелось проверить :wink:

@Jiri_Eger I tried two. One was perfect. One was off by three degrees. But t-=3;; did the trick. I could also play with the gain. Pressure and humidity were fine at room temperature.