Google+ post by Todd Morrill on 2016-12-08 23:57:25 UTC


Any idea what I did wrong or additional steps needed to make it work? Installed on windows10 using git, can’t make it start…

You did npm install before running the server?

I thought it was just server.js now.

Peter posted this:

  1. install node 6
    2 install git-scm
    3 clone LaserWeb3
    4 cd into LaserWeb3 and run ‘npm install’ to install depencies
    5 run node server.js

I just wanted to link the wiki installation page for windows but the page is gone!! Who deleted it?

+Peter van der Walt: It seems you have deleted the wiki page. I have restored it.

Here is the Wiki page for Windows Installation:

Now really going sound lost, what is npm and where do i get it?

Thanks, will give it another shot tonight