Google+ post by Todd Fleming on 2016-12-10 14:39:26 UTC

Multiple Operations

how that will react with the weight of an Air Assit + laser diode ???

@Todd_Fleming ​ what speed and power are you using there?

That is insane. Have you got it bolted to the table so it doesn’t walk it’s way off? Hahaha.

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty 30,000 mm/min (500 /s). Fill at S0.2 and outline at S1.0. But, I have smoothie’s laser_module_maximum_power=0.5.

What are you acceleration, feed and seek settings?

@Todd_Fleming keep your head in place ;-))
put a drop of nail varnish on the screws that could help to keep them in place.

x_axis_max_speed 30000
y_axis_max_speed 30000
alpha_current 0.4
alpha_max_rate 30000.0
beta_current 1.5
beta_max_rate 30000.0
acceleration 5000
junction_deviation 0.05

My steppers don’t have model numbers, so I used the tried-and-true approach: make sure they don’t burn my hand after running a while.

@Todd_Fleming ​ at the top of the smoothie config there is seek and feed rate settings, did you change those?

Oops. Missed changing those. Both at 4000, which means my G0’s are probably slower than my G1’s, unless smoothie is one of those boards that let F change G0.

Going to have to attempt to replicate your speed results, as they’re impressive @Todd_Fleming . I have no idea what current to set my steppers to, so will have to play around. Is that what you’re referring to regarding the “make sure they don’t burn my hand” bit?

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y yes

@Todd_Fleming Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll have to try that tried & true method too then.

OMG that’s fast, I am guessing a K40 cannot take that for long, seeing as the fasteners are not locked down?