Google+ post by Thomas Shue's World on 2015-06-26 06:03:12 UTC

Thomas, there already a TinyG development Google group.
Do we need another?!forum/devTinyG

I saw that group, i have posted in that group. I started the one on G+ becuase i like the interface, group sharing (circles), notications, video and embedding, ect… people dont have to be active on it. I just plan to post lots of my stuff here.

So I was confused, the email I got said “TinyG Motion Controller Group”, but what you started was a Community :).
Oh well.

I am not trying to ruffle feathers here :slight_smile: just adding a place to help spread the love.

I am not uber fluent in the differences between Google Groups and Google+ Communities.
FWIW, I prefer the Google Groups interface over communities for detailed discussions - the Community UI wastes too much screen space (my opinion).
But everyone has a personal preference and mine is no better than yours.