Google+ post by Peter Kačur on 2013-03-21 09:30:49 UTC

That video is ancient! Nice find

Self-replicating sounds sexy but the reality is that just a small fraction of the parts needed to make a desktop printer can be printed on a desktop printer.

Do you guys know this is the beginning of the desktop 3d printer?

A small fraction = the most important bits. Everything that isn’t a metal rod or a motor is printed. Your local hardware store has metal rods, but it doesn’t have anything that can join four of them into a high-precision linear gantry.

A small fraction = of the total cost to build a printer. A decent printer can be built around 600$, the printed parts are about 50$.

Once printers can print motors and electronics, then they will really be self-replicating.

@Shachar_Weis you say it like it’s a bad thing that printers can print things cheaply?

Not at all. I’m just saying that calling these self-replicating is false advertising :slight_smile:
(That was a joke. In case you missed the smiley face)