Google+ post by Paulo Geraldes on 2013-01-17 23:11:53 UTC

You should try to print Anamarva’s derivative: – reason being, the modifications pull out more details in the surface of the figure. We had a really fun time capturing those models at The Met!

Did you use scaffolding under the nose?

Will print, thanks for the tip.
It is a pitty that the finer details seem smothed down. I suppose that it is due to a technological limitations of the 3D digitiser process that will be overcome in time.
By the way, good job digitising all these wonders and thank you.

I rotated the model so that I did not have to use scaffolding at all.
Used 4 shells though, and the model is hollow to save material and time.

Had a look at Anamarva’s and I prefer this model, it’s more classical.