Google+ post by Paul de Groot on 2018-11-23 04:32:18 UTC

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(Jim Fong) #2

I don’t think the author of that article means getting a PC XT computer to run his old software. A PC XT is a 4.77mhz 8088 which won’t run his required 32 bit Windows XP operating system/Mach3 etc.

Many are still running Mach3, I do. I run it on fairly new modern computer hardware.

(Paul de Groot) #3

Thanks Jim he might be pointing at an old PC. I haven’t seen an XT in years😂

(Anthony Bolgar) #4

I can’t wait to get my hands on a Super Gerbil board, building a machine just for it!

(Jim Fong) #5

Hi Paul

I just noticed your super gerbil board. Is your Stm32f103 grbl source available? I know there is a GitHub stm32 version but it 1.1e and hasn’t been updated.

I have a f103 board laying around and would like to compile and test the firmware if possible.



(Jaie Lawrie) #6

He sure did say hourding XTs to install XP onto… wow