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Hmm, that’s interesting. We ran a “3d printing” class recently, but it was mostly how to use the 3D printers we provide, and a tiny bit of modeling with some z-brush style stuff. I’ll have to catch this and take notes. :slight_smile:

Hi, this is going to be a pretty fun event. The presenter recently did a cool Raspberry Pi webcast that was incredibly well attended and folks learned while having a good time. Looking forward to your participation at the live event.

make this a google event so we can have reminders.

@X_TheMosler_X there is a registration link on their site which will give reminders. I would make a google event, but I’m not sure the best way for people to get to the URL (or if the URL will change, etc). Also I’m sure they’re probably tracking interest via that registration link, so it’s probably best to use that so that they can gauge popularity, etc.

Signed up, thanks for the share

We look forward to your participation Roy at the live event. We will send reminders a day prior and then one more 3 hours prior to the start of the event. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

Just find you guys, and I’m incredibly intrigued. I want to learn everything. Where do I start?

Hi Ryan, the webcast is going to be pretty cool. We had a Raspberry Pi webcast recently with the same presenter and it was incredible. If you are interested you can check it out here