Google+ post by Norman Bauer on 2013-04-15 10:50:54 UTC

No guns don’t want to be free,
guns are a tool for defence, a tool for attack, a tool too kill,
and the last time I checked there’s no wild animals running around our towns and city’s attacking us, I have no need too kill my food in this day n age. and theirs hell no reason a civilian to need an assault rifle.
So no guns don’t wont to be free, and sure as hell don’t need printing.

now I'll go read the article you posted...

You might want to double check that wild animals statement. There certainly are some here in the Southwest.

Here in the North East too.

The first runin with a female black bear foraging through the city trash cans or your back yard would change your mind about not needing a high powered rifle.

LOL was expecting the poor bear too get it first… from my part of the woods the only wild incursion would be a fox or maybe a rabid rat. the occasional deer.