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Multi media Printing look’s cool.
I have an Old Geethech i3 Pro, I built.
Only one Media at a time, Not only are different color’s but can you do different Media. T-Glaze+ PLA or other combo’s??
Making joint’s without making hella piece’s and flex point’s sound’s real cool.
Wishing one day I get hand’s on Multi Extrusion Device.

@J_Christie They say multi material as well. As long as you don’t have materials that diff to much in base settings. Heat etc

@Daniel_Soderlund_Var you also need to ensure those materials will bond well together, for example PETG and PLA will not bond. @J_Christie I wouldn’t expect T-Glaze+ and PLA to work with this modification because T-Glaze+ is a PET filament.

@Adam_Steinmark true.

Good stuff to know.
Happy 3-D Creating, too you BOTH…