Google+ post by Michiel Haisma on 2013-05-29 11:40:29 UTC


build a tiny house

Suggestion? (STL link?)

I couldn’t get that one to print well at the top without a fan, even in ABS. Or printing something else at the same time.
Possibly set your minimum time per layer higher? All dependent on setup information I don’t actually have for your printer.

I have a fan on it. Also, if you want to make it print slower; increase the minimum time per layer, so slic3r will increase the time it takes to do that layer. By the way this is PLA.

That is awesome. I noticed the higher lower thing and fixed it but clearly not before you saw it.

I am super impressed that is the first print on your rostock though. Your calibration looks amazing. Does it measure up right?

Yeah, measures up perfectly except z-height, first layers got squashed down too much. Ajusted the endstops accordingly and now printing first layers seem good.

Q*bert @!#?@!

I would like a delta printer of some sort. I’m currently mid-build on two Cartesian bots for local schools though. So it will be a while.