Google+ post by Luca Liaci on 2014-01-19 10:40:10 UTC

Is that instead of a servo? What influenced that decision? Do you have positional feedback of the rack?

Emh… isn’t that little motor a bit too fast and a bit too weak to be used for steering? Or is that what you wanted?

Full 3d printed cat?

Can it steering?

That looks like the perfect job for a servo.
Neat car design BTW :slight_smile:

this is the redesign of a radio controlled car, the engine, electronics and steering were imported without modification

@Luca_Liaci that’s a very cool project, love the new design!


in a new post there are three phases of redesign

That’s great! Have you already or are you planning to upload your files? So others can print your design?

I’m creating a blog to share my work, if you want I can send them via e-mail

Next time @Luca_Liaci , would you mind putting them all in the same post? Someone looking for help, etc might end up getting pushed down when you post pictures in multiple posts like this. Thanks. :slight_smile:

sorry, i’ll be careful next time