Google+ post by Kyle Halvorson on 2015-09-04 01:38:02 UTC

(Kyle Halvorson) #1


(Marc Miller) #2

Excellenté :]

(Andrew Tuline) #3

Dat steering wheel.

(Marc Miller) #4

Must be an early 70’s Dodge!

(Andrew Tuline) #5

@marmil that’s been dredged up from a lake.

(Kyle Halvorson) #6

It is! It’s my '76 power wagon project truck, it’s a short bed 1 ton 4wd with a 400.

(Thomas Runge) #7

Ist it just me? Where are the LEDs? :confused:

(Andrew Tuline) #8

@Thomas_Runge That will be his test box to use when he’s developing different strands.

(Kyle Halvorson) #9

As well as other arduino based projects, but adjusting led parameters was the main use I had in mind.