Google+ post by Kevin McNally on 2016-07-08 02:00:06 UTC

v1.86 of SPJS is ancient, like 2 years old, and has the old threading bug that would randomly pause based on thread contention. v1.92 is the latest. I don’t know if there’s a Mac version though because Apple makes it impossible to run a virtual machine. There may be a mac version is some of the releases earlier than 1.92 but that are greater than 1.86.

Gotcha. Will look for a later version right away. Is git hub the only place to get these JSON servers?

They’re in the “Your Servers” tab but of course those are just links to Github. Github has all the releases in it in the “Releases” tab.

Just got some info froma friend of mine here and I may try using Raspberry Pi to upgrade to 1.92. Seems 1.92 doesn’t exist for Macs.

Will also try shutting down all background programs.