Google+ post by Kevin Conner on 2012-12-15 07:04:57 UTC


Looks good. I have questions about 1.75mm availability, and the ability to connect a thermocouple instead of a thermistor, which can’t reach higher temps.

Too bad it’s 3mm and not 1.75mm.

No .35 nozzles either.

Looks good. I was wondering how it is mounted on the extruder and what extruders are supported? And what prevents the heat from travelling up to the extruder and melt it?

“Wade comparable alu mounting plate.”
I wonder the same about heat. Stainless steel has pretty low thermal conductivity.
I also wonder about wobble at high speeds. It’s a weight on a stick!
You could get 2-4 of them in pretty close proximity though with a well designed extrusion system.

@Josef_Prusa says no 1.75 because the hole is too small to polish inside. On the plus side, the cold end is supposed to stay cool enough to hold in your fingers. .5mm nozzle is disappointing, and I’d really prefer not to have a one-piece nozzle/barrel because of the difficulty of cleaning.

Otherwise, it looks great.

Expensive? I’ve seen nothing but awesome prints with it at Makerfaire. It will be interesting to see others modify the design for 1.75 or test with Bowden setups. I for one have welcomed the 3mm overlord. He is friendly. Check Prusas YouTube account to see it in action.

I had to throw away the first two production batches :smiley: workers fucked them up :frowning: But that brings good stuff, I bought even fancier tools so insides quality is even better, and I will have 0.35 when it ships :wink:

I would never even try to approach this project when I would know how fucking hard is to drill the hole on the inside correctly without deep scratches.

For example I now have to use cutting tools made on order, because they dont make them this small, and thats 3.2mm. 1.75 is impossible :-/ Imagine 2mm drill with two custom cleaning channels inside its body :smiley:

Next batch should be manufactured on monday :slight_smile:

@Josef_Prusa It`s hard to drill sach long hole at all )

That’s what she said! Ha ha! It’s an American thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think @Justin_Hubbard is correct:

Duh, I forgot every good american show is a copy of a Brit show! I’ve even seen it!