Google+ post by Jonathan Roeder on 2019-01-27 04:13:04 UTC

My first cabinets with the OX and Mozaik CNC Complete.

@Jonathan_Roeder Nice! Did you mill those metal handles on the Ox, too?

Thanks, and no sir, the pulls are an Amazon find.

I’m hoping to do my kitchen cabinets- DIY on OX. I’d like to hear your experience… with software

Industry standard 20/20 was too focused on other people’s pre made cabinetry, and terribly expensive. Mozaik looked slightly archaic at first glance, old website, crummy renders.
But when I started looking at industrial routers, it became obvious that Mozaik has a superior product, at an affordable price.

It is still beyond hobby pricing though, so for the hobbyist, I recommend SketchUp. You can find a lot of stuff for free, tinker with it, and visualize in 3d for assembly. There is a free gCode plugin for SketchUp.

For my hobby work, I have an educational license Solid Works, a benefit of my Experimental Aviation Association membership. I use it with the free Autodesk 2.5d CAM gCode plugin.

Is it just the picture or is there a bit of warping on the right side panel? - did it swell when it was primed or are the tolerances tight? - Looks Awesome though!

No warp, just poorly stacked and yet to be installed.