Google+ post by Jonathan Häberle on 2015-11-14 18:50:40 UTC

Just the number of Tiko owners means you can’t “ha!” too loud. 16,538 happy 3d printer owners or 16,538 unhappy owners can make a lot of noise!

O.K. Can I change that to “Tiko backers”?

Two of those on the list are crowd funded, but one seems close for final release (though very much delayed, the clock is st 18 months late right now) and the other seems close to release too.

Are these meant as alternative printers? None of those are even on my radar as options even though I know of some of them. there seems to be better options currently for the price of the autodesk one you can almost get 2x form2 printers. the Big Rep at 40k seems I could pay an engineering company to design the shit out of a frame and still some out way ahead. Would a company pay 40K for a FDM printer and not consider high end commercial printers. Suppose that’s why they are worth watching. If I had to pick one to watch I’d the Original Prusa kit vs all the clones available.