Google+ post by John Lauer on 2016-11-05 18:54:06 UTC

Oh my god this opens up so many ideas in my head!

It’s giving me gobs of ideas too, like adding an ultrasonic sensor to my z-head to know it’s distance to the work surface.

Attached to the stepper shaft could it act like an encoder?

I’m also thinking touch probe for x y and z.

This has potential but how difficult is it for others to make their own widgets with your workflow?

Sure, you could do a hall effect sensor as an encoder, but encoders look for each step usually and this sensor just does one rotation. You could definitely do an xyz probe, although things like TinyG have that built in so probably not worth it. Writing code for hardware and for software does take some skill, but that’s why I put effort into that blog post to show others how to do it. I will say that writing in Lua in the Nodemcu ChiliPeppr workspace is a dream. I already wrote all the core libraries and added features to SPJS, so any new developer should have an easier time.

@jlauer I looked into ultrasonic sensors a few years back as way for my 3D printer to home the z-axis. Long story short, they are not accurate enough to measure the short distances you would want.

Yeah, I have a whole bunch and none of them are very accurate. So I agree with you. There was a recent kickstart that had a distance sensor for CNC that has high resolution. Instead I spent time Cayenn’ing my laser this weekend. Now I get realtime current feedback and ability to send up pwm settings.

Hi yes ultrasonic are of no use, I ve been given an IR sensor with high accuracy for my 3d printer, but I had no time yet to try it out, I ll let you know.