Google+ post by John Hornsby-Hunt on 2016-07-22 03:57:04 UTC

It looks the same on /grbl-new workspace, which is using all the same widgets, except the autolevel (the only one I modified). Possibly the 3dviewer widget has been modified by the grbl workspace owner which causes the issue.
I am unable to check it now, as I am sailing Mediterranean far from my PC, but will take a look next week.

Wow… have a great trip you lucky so and so…

When the 3D viewer toolbar is on the left side it means the 3D viewer crashed on load and the code that executes at the end of load, which moves the toolbar to the middle, didn’t run.

@John_Hornsby-Hunt ​ Today I tried /grbl workspace on a :computer: in my workshop - got the same result as on your screenshot. Then I cleared cookies and browser cache (I’m using Chrome), refreshed by F5 and the page is now being displayed correctly. I hope this helps.

Hi there Sebastian, thanks for your input. I’ve tried the refresh option etc. but with little effects. It seems to be the luck of the draw as to when the Chilipeppr page loads correctly. I just keep trying to load the page until I get one that works then I don’t close it when I’m finished using it – I just leave it running (sometime for hours or days) until I want to use it again. Someone put me onto using F12 to view the Java Console. It reports 4 errors and about 12 warnings. I have no idea what these are and wouldn’t have a clue where to start to try and fix them. All in all a great pity as Chilipeppr was a really good app.
Thanks for all your help guys……

This problem use to exist in the TinyG workspace and it was that different widgets were loading the Three.js library but some were referencing an old library and some referenced the new library. Each widget had to get looked at to make sure it was pointing to the correct URL. It finally got solved. I’m guessing this issue just arose in the Grbl workspace and it feels random as to whether you’re getting the new Three.js library or the old library depending on load order.

Hi John, thanks for your input. Do you know if, when you load the page, everyone gets the same page? The reason I ask is that when I load the page from say, starting up my PC, I get the design I was working on last – almost like there is a config file somewhere local that remembers what you were doing.
The other odd thing I experienced yesterday was to do with the Serial_Port_Json_Server.
I had two PC’s running, both with Chilipeppr loaded with each PC connected via its own USB cable to a UNO/GRBL set-up each with 3 steppers. I had difficulty getting the second SPJS to connect to the second UNO/GRBL device, then I discovered that whatever G-code commands I sent to either PC ended up executing on the first GRBL board. I put it down to only being able to run one SPJS on one network – would that be correct?

CP stores files loaded in local storage, which is limited to 5MB. There is a ‘Drag and Drop’ button below GRBL Workspace text in the top-left corner, where you can load Chilipeppr logo or other file from history, as well as clear recent files.

In order to run two separate Arduino GRBL boards you need to run two instances of the Serial Port JSON server on different ports e.g.:
C:\SJPS-188>serial-port-json-server.exe - this will run SJPS 1st instance on port 8989 (default)
C:\SJPS-188>serial-port-json-server.exe -addr :8888 - this will run SJPS 2nd instance on port 8888 (port number as example)
Once both SJPS instances are running (you should see two CMD windows):

  • in the SJPS widget of first Chrome instance connect to the SJPS running on default port using IP only (so this will use default port) and choose Arduino COMxx
  • connect the other Chrome instance to the SJPS running on alternate port IP_address:8888 and choose Arduino COMyy

There are some worth watching Chilipeppr videos created by @jlauer available on YouTube.

Thanks once again Sebastian. I should have guessed I’d need to run 2 instances on 2 separate ports. Silly me…
I have watched some stuff by John L, I remember it was one of his hour long videos that got me started on Chilipeppr in the first place.
I learn something new every day…