Google+ post by John Car on 2015-11-06 14:19:40 UTC

It’s not just AM but many of the technologies you find at a makerspace. On the technician side there is 3D modeling/drafting, CAM programming, machine operators (laser, 3D CNC). When manufacturing was off shored we stopped cranking out enough manufacturing engineers and not as many mechanical or electrical engineers. We need those kinds of engineers now. Many of those technician jobs require skill, pay pretty good money and don’t require an expensive four year degree.

Agree, if you know how to model using solidworks or any 3d package you have a job.

hm if 3D printing is creating jobs it has failed, the idea is to reduce jobs…( automate everything)

I don’t think 3d is to reduce jobs but simply to make a business more efficient by allowing quiker on site or off prototyping as among a primary function .