Google+ post by Jerry LePore on 2014-03-23 12:29:06 UTC

Yay, another “look what awesome thing I can do with my 3d printer, but… I’m not going to share”

I was not implying that I printed this I was just sharing

I know @Jerry_LePore I’m talking about the guy who made it.

Ahhhh got ya @ThantiK

@ThantiK , I see you’re saying but at the same time I don’t have a problem with it. I am not compelled to share my creations with everyone. This is how businesses are created…You come up with an idea/product, you sell it, make money, marry a supermodel, and live on a yacht.

@Edward_Gonzalez_II , tell that to RedHat. Or Canonical. Or the whole RepRap project, etc.

@ThantiK , compare those companies to Microsoft, Apple, and MakerBot market penetration.

I’m not that they’re doing poorly, I’m not saying that. They’re just not doing well.Open source shouldn’t be expected from everyone. It works for some people/situations but not all and those that don’t want to go that route, well that’s their choice.

@Edward_Gonzalez_II , with windows pulling up less than half the server market share, Android (Linux) trouncing iOS, and RepRaps being more plentiful than MakerBots ever dream of being? I have.

Fact is, Open source wins. The whole “make a product, keep it secret, and sell it” is an old-hat business model that is quickly falling to the wayside. Only antiquated thinkers keep citing it as “THE” business model.

@ThantiK lol, (<-- I actually cracked up) The REAL fact is that every company has a secret sauce they sell, sometimes it’s not what you think it is. RedHat and Canonical you pay for support, Android is given away by Google because they make money from ad revenue, RepRap counts on the lazy/busy/unskilled for them to sell kits to. Your examples only (RedHat Linux, RepRap Kits, Ubuntu, Android) are a means to sell you their real products.

If a company just gave away their real product then they wouldn’t be in business long plain and simple. Where’s my open source Bugatti… Heck I’ll take an open source Ford Focus.

Your argument about open source winning works when you don’t look at the whole picture. How’s Red Hat’s desktop market doing in comparison? Game console division doing well?

I’ll tell you the same thing I’m told every time I complain about hardware that’s not supported in CentOS…build it yourself and it’ll be there to be given to the community.

As I stated before I don’t care to argue about which is better open/closed source because each have their pluses and minuses.
The real fact is that every business is based off a “secret sauce” that you pay for. Now-a-days it’s not as obvious what that secret is.

And just think I was resharing a post lol

@ThantiK This model is great. Even without sharing the files the author has contributed towards pushing 3D printing forward. Nobody is entitled to dictate to an author how they must distribute their own original work.

The robot is very nice. It contains very small and detailed parts probably very difficult to realize for the majority of the 3D printer out of there. This seems exactly like the Japanese Manga Dolls robots I posted some time ago. The author added also nano motors and arduino to give movement, but due to the small scale and high mechanical details he had to rebuild everything using moulding. It was clearly a too complex object, and he started to produce it professionaly for collectors. For what I know he never release the original 3D models.