Google+ post by Jaime Martin on 2018-08-27 14:47:16 UTC

(Jaime Martin) #1

Vcarve mostrador

(Mike Thornbury) #2

That’s really nice. What material is that?

Doh - don’t worry, just looked at the second pic and saw it was Corian. Nice job!

(Jaime Martin) #3

Muchas gracias

(Mark Fuller) #4

Says right on the side “Corian, Venaro white 12mm”, but you knew that

(Mike Thornbury) #5

@Mark_Fuller lol, yes… I replied before looking at all the pics.

We don’t get Corian - I’ll have to find an alternative product.

(George Allen) #6

Is that wood or foam or stone? Very Nice!

(Jaime Martin) #7

Es un material hecho de resina el m2 sale a unos 200€

(Mike Thornbury) #8

Wow! $200/M2 is out of my hobby budget. Still, very nice job Jaime.