Google+ post by Grant Hancock on 2015-03-18 16:49:08 UTC

In the middle of a cool project for a local business and Motorcycle Race team. I’m engraving the riders names and numbers above the Rekluse brand name on a bunch of Clutch covers.

Last night had my first freak out as Mach3 froze and crashed my PC when I went to start a new piece. Had to un install and reinstall and reset the settings in Mach to get going again!!!

very nice ! I like the 45° pathpattern!

Very nice. what kind of machine did this, and what did you use to create the toolpath?

Great work !

Are they using Rekluse clutches in racing? Nice machine work!

Nice work, can you tell us about what kind of tool you’ve used?

I am using a Taig mill with Mach3, and the code was generated with Cambam,

using a 3/32" ball mill for the pocketing, and a 1/16" ball for the profile of the lettering. DOC was 0.2mm My CAM software could not copy what rekluse used for the logo and the name, but I liked the visible toolpaths for this project, so used inside to out for the pocketing MOP

@Erik_Bansberg The Rekluse clutches are almost standard equipment in the Hare Scramble and Enduro circles out in BC Canada, I love riding with mine.

I fear Mach 3 crashing one day. … isn’t there a way to back up all your settings once you have them perfect? I don’t see any “settings back up” options in any menus.

@Lenny_Sweet usually Mach3 saves the configs in your central mill config .xml file. mach3mill.xml for example. Backup the file - that’s it. If you have a different or own screen set you need to save it, too (with bmp files).

@Lenny_Sweet this actually happened between clutches!! I had to reinstall Mach3 and re set it up. Make sure you have a back up of it running well, as it seems like something crashed with my config.

I’m thinking of ordering an Ethernet smooth stepper so I can rely on a dedicated device to send signal pulses that does not rely on the clock speed of the cpu.