Google+ post by Frank Herrmann on 2016-01-09 16:13:42 UTC

frank… this… is… incredible! I can’t wait to see this thing work!!! thanks for sharing all this work with everyone.

Frank, it’s awesome work! I think the PCB holder is a great way to go for simplicity. I love that you show the holder when you choose the PnP tab. I want to go mill one right now out of acrylic since I have a lot of that lying around. One thing I’m craving is to be able to click one of the pockets or one of the slider areas where the resistors/capacitors go to configure it because it’s confusing what maps to what.

Could you actually show the components in their pockets once added? Or show the tape once it’s configured?

What motor are you buying so I can buy the same one? Is it this?

one idea would be as you mouse over the various tapes and pockets you could show what is currently configured in there… you could even do web lookups and show a picture!!! :slight_smile:

I use a technique called intersectObjects that three.js uses. Stick any 3d object into the intersectObjects array and you’ll get a callback on mouse over. You can attach a userData value to that 3d object so you can then do your own action like show a menu with a specific x/y position.

@jlauer yeah! Its the nema8 with hollow shaft.

Many thanks to all members for your support! And yes, the plugin are not finished yet :slight_smile:

Frank, what nozzle are you going with? The juki nozzles that you showed in your video? Or just using luer lock needle tips like the redfrog? I want to know whether I should buy the juki nozzles and adapter for the nema8 hollow shaft stepper from robotdigg.

@jlauer yes, I order the JUKI 503 with the robodigg adapter. Also the nema8 stepper for this, but at eBay. I’ll like the idea to display a window if user move the mouse over a pocket or tray. Next time I implement this. To display the components as 3D object are a nice idea, but really just nice to have :slight_smile: Maybe in version 0.2 :slight_smile:

Nice work, I prefer a stencil for the solder paste, but surely like to use the pick and place of parts

@Menno_de_Graaf I developed also a dispenser plugin, next week I’ll implement this in our new framework. The will dispense drops of solder paste to the pad’s. But yes, you can use a stencil and then the pop plugin, possible :slight_smile: