Google+ post by Diego Porqueras (Deezmaker) on 2013-05-01 02:27:05 UTC


Is that a 3mm feed or 1.75? It looks like 3mm, just confirming?


When can I buy one for my RepStrap? I’ll be at DeezMaker for the open house. ;-0)

@Diego_Porqueras_Deez - That does not look like 300mm/sec - It looks like your Firmware Acceleration settings are slowing it way down - for a speed comparison the first print in my video here is running at 140mm/sec -

That’s with ‘Ultimaker’ Acceleration settings running on a MendelMax1.5 - As far as I can tell it’s not being Firmware limited at this speed in the video.

What size are you printing the TARDIS at, it would be fun to print the same size and post a video to compare.

@Richard_Horne You might be somewhat right, but I’ll double check. Slicer was set to 600mm/sec, but I got to see what firmware is doing. I know most things are set 500mm and above. Perception of speed may be diminished because of it being so quiet…

o.o … nice ! … gear reduction for a NEMA11? u have pics of its innards? :stuck_out_tongue:
the output looks really fine … pls do post more prints like maybe the eiffel tower or something :smiley: