Google+ post by Derrick Oswald (curmudgeon) on 2013-01-20 19:46:24 UTC

So… What are you proposing?

@Marcus_Wolschon I’m not really proposing anything. I’m just opening up the discussion around what the Thing Tracker is attempting to do and checking if I understand all the use-cases.

The site states something about a proposal but not specifically what is proposed and to whom.
I don’t get it.

@Marcus_Wolschon The proposal is for a specification which defines a data interchange format. This can be used between applications and websites to share information about “things” - thus building a Network of Things.

The primary document is referred to as a tracker, this lists things and also other trackers it is interested in. Applications could then traverse through the network retrieving the information in order to do something interesting with it, i.e. search engine, analytics, BOM creation, browsing, etc.

Furthermore, the recursive nature of the model means that it could be used to describe a BOM of parts, sub-assemblies and things.

The target audience is primarily application and web developers, but the proposal is open to all to comment on, because the end users of the apps and such should also feed into what the network should do.

I’ll happily explain further or go into more detail, just ping me your questions.

@Derrick_Oswald_curmu I think it’s definitely a good idea to take a wide viewpoint when considering what data should be shared. I think the TTN has the potential to answer points b - e from your post. A lot will depend on whether people develop apps that directly address them.