Google+ post by Dave Kodama on 2018-10-20 08:18:04 UTC

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135° to 150°C build plate temperature for large ABS part seems pretty hot but I might give it a shot. 40°C enclosure temp seems low. Suggesting 1000W for a 12” heat bed is alarming. Even 500W for that area is a lot.

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I don’t think my printer will be able to reach that bed temperature, but it certainly explains the problems I have with ABS printing.

I plan to at least try to alleviate problems by building an insulated “dog house” for my printer, heated with an incandescent bulb. I just worry about all the electronics inside the enclosure.

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He mentioned 1kW power supplies, so that’s probably for the whole machine, with enough power to heat things quickly.

I tried a cardboard enclosure with a 100W bulb, and that definitely reduced the warping. Still not enough for parts wider than maybe 100mm. I’m currently working on a temperature controlled chamber to see how things go at 50C or so.

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@Dale_Dunn Thanks for that info. I would be interested to hear about your temperature controlled chamber when you get it done

My ambitions for now are not for so large pieces, so maybe my plan would be enough for my purposes. I’m still worried about including electronics in the heated box. I have an Airwolf 3DXL which has its power supply attached to the bottom of the frame and the reprap board attached to the side of the frame. I’m thinking that I need to detach those and move it outside the heated box for long-term reliability.