Google+ post by D Rob on 2014-03-08 06:41:31 UTC


At the very least, it’s an interesting mechanism.

I have a 5:1 nema 11 gear reduced stepper I have used for the extruder. They go for like $30. If the normal nema on the Z belt system was replaced on z with the 5:1 I am pretty certain the z could never free fall. Plus you would get some pretty sweet reduction to help z resolution.

Is that IKEA? I believe all their drawers have a similar dampened close behavior.

nvm, I saw the other video, if the slides were reasonably precise, it’s a definite possibility

@Mike_Miller no it’s Ashley furniture

I was thinking about the thing on a mount to work with rods. It has a magnet that grabs another magnet on the slide. When it gets to a trip point a plastic tab flips stopping the cylinder from going all the way back. The magnet releases the slide and when it comes back to close the lever is tripped the opposite way. the bleeder valve regulates air exiting to slow it to a stop. The cylinder contains a screw like bleeder valve and a single direction valve for rapid air intake but prevents rapid air loss. Most likely a diaphragm.