Google+ post by D Rob on 2014-03-07 05:00:39 UTC

Place your bets folks!

Good luck - be good to see the results! What did you print it in? ABS?

yeah glow in the dark reprapper blue

I’m curious to see if it’ll work without grease

its deffinitelt a part I should keep spares to. Since the photo the worm has been acetone smoothed. It made a big difference in the friction level

what package did you design the worm in? I think we’d all like to see a video of it rotating, even at this early stage

It has no housing I keep it open. I may add a rod that goes to the front from the tip of the worm and has a key like a crank pencil sharpener to manually move the z of just a knob like on the rod ends for the xy

It is my hypothesis that the bed weight will keep positive force on the worm through gravity and minimize any backlash from z move reversal

I meant what 3d design package…

Possibly useful:

I took stl from thingiverse 2 times to big in solid works and extruded and bored the hub and hole 2 times to big and printed half size.