Google+ post by Christian Ledermann on 2016-07-06 14:22:51 UTC

An awesome article. Someone finally put it all together!

Several things in there that I disagree with, but overall, great article.

For example, the Yoda head example supposedly showing 1.8 vs 0.9 degree steppers looks much more like missed-microstep rippling of 8825s to me. I personally see a reduction in corner ringing with 0.9s, but not any meaningful resolution difference.

@Ryan_Carlyle do you see a difference in noise/audible resonance? I’m considering. Switching to .9deg

@Griffin_Paquette I always use dampers so I don’t really notice a difference in noise. I’m thinking 0.9 degree steppers will theoretically run louder, based on physics. They need twice the step rate at the same microstepping level, so the noise will be one octave higher pitched. In 8bit controllers the higher step rate will often hit a double- or quad-pulsing breakpoint and thus effectively drop your microstepping fineness, which definitely adds noise. (Less likely with 32bit controllers.) On the other hand, the rotor’s torque behavior is roughly twice as stiff, which would shift the resonant frequency up and cause the rotor oscillation after each step to be smaller in magnitude.

So… don’t know, somebody should try it :slight_smile: