Google+ post by Christian Ledermann on 2016-03-24 12:24:52 UTC

LOL. What are drones? You mean Quadcopters?

@Mick_Carson No, drones are more than just quadcopters. For example mapping, search&rescue and crop inspection is much more efficiently done using an airplane than a quadcopter.

@Bjorn_Stenberg ​​​
Lol. Drone is just a word, it’s not a name. Lmao! if drone is a stingless bee, how the hell can it also be an aircraft? If drone is a person who lives on the labor of others, how can it be an aircraft? If drone is a low tone continuous musical note, how can it be an aircraft. If drone is used to describe a loud noise, how the heck can drone be a Bee? If a drone is a military aircraft that scans the grounds, how can it be a person who lives on the labor of others, in fact how can it be a male stingless Bee? If drone are male Bees, how can they be Quadcopters and Multirotors, how can a drone be everything else? LMAO! The English language is going to the dogs. Everything seems to suddenly become a drone these days. I think people are becoming either illiterates or obsessed with this drone bullshit. Drone is nothing but a word used in a sentence or conversation to describe a loud annoying noise, e.g. ‘That jackhammer is so loud and is droning our conversation. Let’s move somewhere quieter’. That’s all drone is, a word, not a name and shall never be.
Back to school for Crissake. .

Get a life @Mick_Carson

Ah, I have been told that before. Who cares what the unintelligent illiterates say. It’s the way they have been taught anyway. Too many of them who think they can speak English by using one word to name 16 gadgets, insects and people, lmao! I’d stay away from this bullshit word if I was you.

I agree with @Mick_Carson ​ on the improper use of the word.

@Mick_Carson ​why does it bother you soo much what people call their rc toys? Would you like me to call mine pookie?