Google+ post by Charles Steinkuehler on 2013-08-30 20:21:05 UTC

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What advantages this has over an Arduino powered board ?

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The Arduino is an 8-bit micro-controller running at 16 to 20 MHz. The BeagleBone hooked to a BeBoPr board is running 700-1000 MHz with hard floating point, and includes dual 32-bit 200 MHz micro-controllers for real-time tasks. Basically, using the BeagleBone and BeBoPr removes compute limits from what you can implement on the typical Arduino setup. LinuxCNC also has a very powerful and flexible real-time HAL layer, where it is possible to implement closed-loop servo control by just hooking up components…no coding or re-flashing firmware. And Linux runs on the same platform as the motion control, so you can leverage the entire Linux eco-system (for instance, my A/D temperature reading code is written in Python, because it doesn’t need to run particularly fast).

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Does $120 buy you the motor drivers too?

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I haven’t bought a board from Circutco/Boardzoo, so you’d have to check with them, but I’m pretty sure it’s “bring your own Pololus”. :slight_smile: There are some good deals online…the versions I’m using to print with right now came from RepRapDiscount (as part of a RAMPS kit), straight from Hong Kong via eBay.