Google+ post by Bohumila Potočná on 2013-07-07 15:19:21 UTC

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Which scanner was used to scan the duck foot? Scanning this ultra thin part of an animal looks extremely challenging to me!

(cathryn leong) #3

Ducky looks happy that it could swim again!

(CornGolem) #4

do a search before posting duplicates

(Sculptor Emiel) #5

@CornGolem what do you mean, is my question already explained somewhere?

(Thomas Sanladerer) #6

@CornGolem look closely - yes, this story was already posted a couple times and i was ready to deletebanreport. This is the first time though I’m seeing the project finished instead of only the one picture of the prototype. Rest assured, this will be the last time this story pops up in here.
@Sculptor_Emiel Information about this is scattered all over the internet. What i understand is that the foot is not a scan, but a freshly modeled part.

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haha :slight_smile:

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