Google+ post by Arthur Wolf on 2018-07-09 19:56:56 UTC

\o/ Thanks. Lots of tears and cut fingers to get there, but it’s really cool being able to use the machine now.

More work to be added to our machines… hope to see more details using ATC in the controller and more details about the spindle architecture (model, etc). That’s a great job. In the video we can read problems related with the spindle, I don’t know if the spindle model could be relevant to achieve ATC ( the issues related with the spindle docs, etc)

Thats awesome, nice tool changer. Good work guys

Hey @Arthur_Wolf , would you share links to spindle maker/supplier please?


@Arthur_Wolf , JGL Series ?. Any ‘serie’ can apply ?.

@Antonio_Hernandez It’s going to depend on your needs. I needed one with collets so I would be able to use different diameter tools, and one with a high rotation speed so I could try high speed milling of aluminium. But maybe you want something different.

@Arthur_Wolf , What kind of breakout board did you use to “talk” with the spindle ?. Some changes were made over code to “talk” without problems or current brands on code could be used to work with these kind of spindles ?