Google+ post by Arthur Wolf on 2017-01-17 20:25:00 UTC

@Arthur_Wolf so what does this mean to me in my application of smoothie to laser cutting/engraving and in use with LW?

For a laser, you can use either grbl_mode, or not use it, it depends on your taste on what the Gcode mean.
If you are going to use visicut, don’t use it. For bcnc, use it. For pronterface, don’t use it. For laserweb, don’t use it.

@Arthur_Wolf got it thanks.

actually for laserweb you need to use cnc /grbl-mode AFAIK

@Wolfmanjm so they changed the way they do homing etc ?

@Arthur_Wolf @Wolfmanjm am I supposed to do anything special to get LW and smoothie to be on the same page regarding G-code mode and interpretation? i.e cnc/grbl-mode. Would the driving software (LW) set the GRBL mode?

you should be using the firmware-cnc build and that is grbl-mode by default so you don’t need to do anything

@Wolfmanjm great, I am so am all set.