Google+ post by Anderson Ta on 2013-07-01 20:05:06 UTC

looks very sturdy.
Actually too sturdy for 3d printing yet not sturdy enough for CNC milling.
That lead screw is slower then a belt. That’s okay for Z in a 3D printer.
Why do you move the head in Z instead of the platform ?
It means you need twice the height.
What do you intend to do? (You didn’t write a word, just these photos)

@Marcus_Wolschon it’s all for a DLP 3d printer.

I see. Of cause they have a much larger head and require the mechanical stability.

Not really, it’s a bit way too sturdy for what it’s doing. The thing going inside it is a DLP projector (which isn’t all that big or heavy). The linear actuator you see is where the build platform will go.


I don’t know what everyone is complaining about? Too sturdy? It is a laser / liquid resin printer. Thus, the sturdieër, the smoother your prints will be.

It also has to hold a glass base for the liquid resin.