Google mini

I picked up a pair of google home mini’s at Lowes on sale for $50 USD. Can they control wireless switches and plugs?

Yup I have one in my shop.

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BTW its a bad idea to control shop tools like vacuum with a remote system like this.

I inadvertently turned on my vacuum from my phone while I was in colorado… luckily I noticed it was turned on or I could have had a fire!


I am more interested in the lights around the house. I always seem to forget to turn them off and have to go back later to do it.

I have a Smart display in kitchen, mini in the shop and home in the bedroom.
I can control everything from everywhere.

I like the routines as I can say: Goodnight and it turns off all lights, turns on night lights and sets the security system.
I also like the broadcast function. My wife and I use it as an intercom, even when I am mobile.

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I’ve spent too much time in computer security to turn on an always listening device in my home generally, but I’m thinking of putting a Google home mini in my shop on the light switch so it’s on in the shop and I can use it as a voice-activated calculator. “Ok Google, what’s the sine of 17?”

I just tested on my phone, and it defaults to radians! You have to ask, “what’s the sine of 17 degrees?” Because everyone uses radians by default?

But it gets simple arithmetic right, which is what I’d want most of the time, and it shouldn’t be different on the phone from the mini…