Google K40 Community QR Symbol,

(Scott Marshall) #1

Google K40 Community QR Symbol, Drawn in a 16.5" grid 33 x 33 equal squares.

Please scan and verify function.
Thank, Scott

(Roberto Fernandez) #2

It works.

(Yuusuf Sallahuddin (Y.S. Creations)) #3

It’s strange, I kept receiving a 404 error saying that the page doesn’t exist. Until I manually opened the K40 group via google search. Then I scan the code & now it works properly. Might have to push that issue to the Win10 Mobile team for investigation.

(Carl Fisher) #4

Worked first shot for me

(Scott Marshall) #5

Thanks Guys!

I don;'t know if I can put these on all my shirts, weeding the QR is a bear (weeding is removing the unused bits left after the cnc plotter is done) - it hard to tell what stays and what goes…

I may make this a logo of it’s own, so to speak, and put it on one side of the shirt .

Need to sell some 1st, Come on guys, I’ve got 14 K40 shirts on ebay, and I’ll give any K40 guys a 10% discount if you e-mail me direct.

I’ve had several inquiries on Beta testing the K40 electronics kits, If anyone is interested send me an e-mail, and I’ll put you on my mailing list for weekly updates.

Thanks all, and I’ll be getting things together as fast as parts arrive…

(Yuusuf Sallahuddin (Y.S. Creations)) #6

@Scott_Marshall Yeah weeding that would be a bit of a nightmare. You don’t happen to have inkjet printer & inkjet vinyl transfer paper that you could use for these? Then you could just print the QR code onto the inkjet vinyl transfer & heat press on. What’s the eBay link btw? I never saw it in your original post.

(Scott Marshall) #7

I’ve gone through about all the transfer paper there is, and there’s none out there I would put my name on. It just doesn’t hold up in use. Too bad too, I could sell a LOT of photo tees, but I won’t sell something that starts to degrade in 8 or 10 washes (or less).

The word on printable Vinyl is it’s iffy too, but I’d have to do more testing to see how it actually lasts. I guess I ought o order some and play with it. The homework involved in putting out a quality product is time consuming and expensive. I refuse to sell junk though.

Silkscreening is an option, but will raise the price point on these higher than I think will sell.
I’ve got them priced pretty tight @ $20 for a 2 color 2 sided name brand shirt, Shipped no less, and I haven’t sold any yet.
I figured the K40 guys were pretty enthusiastic and would at least buy a few when I put them up. Now I’m worried about the electronics, I’ve got a LOT of time and money in those, I hope I didn’t misjudge the market…

I’ve got 14 up on ebay, I put them in the K40 Laser dept, so they wouldn’t be buried in 5000 t shirt listings in the clothing section.
If you search for K40 Laser Accessories you should run right into them.
let me know if you don’t , traffic is in the single digits in 24 hrs, maybe I screwed up?

(Scott Marshall) #8


From that one, you can use the “see my other lisrtings” and that ought to jump you to the rest. I have a couple non-laser that I havn’t listed, Ebay has had technical problems with the listing engine since yesterday.

(Yuusuf Sallahuddin (Y.S. Creations)) #9

@Scott_Marshall Thanks Scott. Didn’t get around to it yet because I was making a drag-cable, installing my new air-assist nozzle, my webcam mount (so it moves along with the Y-rail). Will take a look now. I’m definitely interested in one of the shirts & the electronic kits when they’re ready (& I have the $). I’m on a bit of a tight budget generally, so might be a couple of weeks before I can get shirt/electronics when they’re good to go. I’ll take a look now.

On the vinyl printable transfer sheets, I used to use one called JetOpaque, that I would purchase from a company in Sydney. I made some shirts using it in 2009 for a fishing competition that my step-father & I were attending & for the rest of our team. I’ve worn one of those shirts probably about 10 times a year (minimum) & the print is still in good condition. Although, edges are slightly starting to lift on some of the sharper edged pieces. I’ll take some pics of it sometime later & find the supplier details & pass them on if you’re interested.

(Scott Marshall) #10

That’s a great lead, I’ll look for some. Does it do color? laser or IJ?

The lifting edges are a common issue if you Ironed them on, it’s hard to get enough pressure. They lasted longer than a lot of “commercial” shirts I’ve owned though!

(Yuusuf Sallahuddin (Y.S. Creations)) #11

@Scott_Marshall It does colour, inkjet. I’m not 100% certain off the top of my head if it does laser printer or not, will have to dig it out & check for you. Give me 1/2 hour & I’ll find it, it’s details, take a photo of the 7 year old shirt, & find the supplier link. I used a proper heat press to put them on, but mind you, the shirts are 7 years old now, so lifting is probably expected after that timeframe. That being said, they have lasted pretty well for 7 years & multiple years of wear & washing.