Good thing I did a test cut on scrap wood first.

Good thing I did a test cut on scrap wood first. What the heck went wrong? Chilipeppr loaded the whole file, clearly it should know it had more to do. The file isn’t that big. It is only 2,301 KB. I’m open to suggestions…

Kind of confused by the problem? The video doesn’t show much. You had lots of yellow checkboxes there, which means TinyG indeed did not execute the lines. Did your TinyG go into error mode? i.e. lights blinking on board?

I don’t know. It is shut off now. The yellow checkboxes showed up nearly immediately when I launched the job, but it wasn’t until 20 minutes or so that it just stopped doing anything.

Try running the same job in the air (lift Z to safe height to avoid crashing the tool into table) with spindle disconnected (temporarily remove or comment out M3 from the gcode file). I don’t know your TinyG configuration setting, but you might face an electrical noise issue.

Screenshot would help as it tells all version numbers.

In hindsight, I’m thinking I’m probably lucky I ever got a good run out of this, because I put the TinyG on the X-carriage just behind the spindle. That is likely the ideal spot for it if I wanted EMF problems. I think I just have to re-wire the OX with shielded wires and put the TinyG (or its likely replacement) off the frame and in a (also shielded) box apart from the router.

@jlauer You said a screen shot would help. I just tried another test. This time I looked for the yellow check marks. They were there almost immediately after I told the job to start. What do these yellow check marks mean? Communication lost with host?
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If you expand the Gcode widget it tells you what the checkmark colors mean. Yellow means queued. You could try upgrading to 1.94 of SPJS to see if it helps, but i don’t think it will. I think your point on noise is likely issue. My gut tells me you are getting error lights on your TinyG. You can also turn off the funnel icon in serial port console to see if you are getting any errors back from tinyg. They are in JSON format but look for “er” in the JSON.