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I’ve been farting around CNC forums and videos for some years now always dreaming of something big like a 4x8 Phantom, but now I finally have a product idea worth investing into a CNC router, and luckily it turns out I don’t need anything near that large a machine. I’ll be making a display piece that will sit on a wooden base with maximum dimensions ~ 10" wide x 10" deep 3" tall. I’d like to be able to go higher on the Z axis but if it’s got at least 3" it should work ok. Basically I would be starting out with a solid block of say walnut and have it carve out the whole base, top and bottom.

What brand and model CNC router should I pivot looking into? Hopefully I’ll need a machine sturdy enough for production line work, but for now I’m happy with the lower cost of something less expensive. I’m not as familiar with the smaller models but I’m looking forward to learning about those too.

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Since you say “brand” and “model” it sounds like you are not looking for a kit or plans, is that correct?

There’s a list of machines at:

(ob. discl., I work for Carbide 3D which makes 5 machines on that list)

If you really want to keep the option open for sheet goods you could consider the Shapeoko 5 Pro 4x2 or 4x4 — it’s arguably the best value going in current machines.

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@bradleyheathhays when you first asked, I asked on Mastodon and just now got this response about one that meets your requirements at 16" x 16" x 5 1/4":