Good print, but untempered PLA doesn't quite seem to be dishwasher safe

Good print, but untempered PLA doesn’t quite seem to be dishwasher safe.

What do you mean with tempered ?

Dishwasher but with cold water, the pla does not support temperature I have it checked it deforms quickly. Even with pla 3D850

I’ve been printing dishwasher replacement parts using PLAtec, still in shape.

Printed parts tend not to be food safe due to their texture and tenancy to grow bacteria in the crevices with repeated use.

No… :grinning: i experienced that also with my cookie cutters for my son. Now using petg.

Is PLA not biodegradable?

@Jason_Perry yes.

@Daniel_Stauffer heat treated to crystallize the PLA. Gets it heat resistant past 100C
@Tyler_Larson ​ this lemon squeezer isn’t going to see a ton of use - but the dishwasher should take care of any accumulations in the grooves.
@Jason_Perry ​ it is, but it will only be break down properly in industrial composting setups. The material might naturally weaken under certain conditions, but food contact does not accelerate this as far as I know.

It’s “compostable” but NOT “biodegradable” according to the standard definitions. It only breaks down when heated near its glass point (>50C) in the presence of water. That allows the polymers to partially hydrolyze, which in turn lets microbes start chomping. Industrial/municipal compost piles achieve that, but your backyard compost pile probably doesn’t.

Not sure what annealing does to the compostability. Could slow it down a lot since the crystalline structure will be more resistant to hydrolysis, I think.

You should try out Taulman’s Tritan!:

@Daniel_Stauffer check out CNC Kitchen on youtube, he just did a video on various plastics after annealing.

I’ve only seen stats on t-glase being food safe. Looks nicer too.

Makergeeks Raptor PLA is temperable and claims to be dishwasher safe.

@Jake_Smith Only in the US, for europe nothing, a shame