Good new!!!WS2815 led had updated and will have trial order next Monday.

(mandy xie) #1

Good new!!!WS2815 led had updated and will have trial order next Monday.

Someone need to palce trial order pls contact

WS2815 and CS8812,12V individually addressable led.
WS2815 led is electric capacity inside.

(Yves BAZIN) #2

What are their specificities ?

(Jason Coon) #3

Found the datasheet for WS2815B-V3:

Looks like a 12V WS2812/WS2813 variant with capacitor built in.

(Jason Coon) #4

Not finding anything on “CS8812A” LEDs…

(Jeremy Spencer) #5

I’ve just got a strip of GS8208s, 12V version of the WS3813, the strip has capacitors for every led. It works really well with FastLED though :slight_smile:

(Kris J) #6

Newbie question: What’s the cap for? To combat voltage drop along the strip? Or for over voltage protection of the ic ?

(Kris J) #7

@Kris_J I looked at the spec sheet and the Cap is a bypass filter. =)

(Yves BAZIN) #8

If I read correctly the needed current is now 10mA instead of 60mA ? that would be great !!! on top of the failure prevention if on led burns

(Jeremy Spencer) #9

10mA at 12V…

(Jeremy Spencer) #10

I’ve been testng 12V WS2818s and 12V GS8208s… I’ll try and put a post together…

(Marc MERLIN) #11

What’s the cliff notes on it? How is it better than WS 2813?

(Yves BAZIN) #12

@Marc_MERLIN as powered with 12V it requires less current hence less voltage drop for long led strips => less injection points. If I were to make Halloween or Xmas decoration for outside I would go for these instead of the 5V ones

(Marc MERLIN) #13

12V is great, that is a very good move.

(Jeremy Spencer) #14

12V power supplies are also cheaper :slight_smile:

(Jordan Whaley) #15

Will these respond to 5v logic?

(Yves BAZIN) #16

@Jordan_Whaley yes the data signal is 5v logic

(Jeremy Spencer) #17

@Jordan_Whaley , if you’re using a 3.3v MCU you need a level shifter to shift the data to 5v. 3.3v data does not work.

(Jordan Whaley) #18

Very good. Maybe will play with these in the future for larger installations

(mandy xie) #19

@Jordan_Whaley Yes,it is OK to offer u ,maybe you can contact me at in the future

(mandy xie) #20

@Jason_Coon CS8812 is WITOP led,it is the updated GS8208.But Built-in IC,and data sheet can be sent,pls contact