Good evening one and all.

Good evening one and all. Just asking if anyone else is getting this at the moment. TinyGv8 is my board of choice by the way.
Running the autolevel feature on an Eagle BRD import and the autolevel is stopping at every point but can be moved on by pausing and unpausing (obviously 100+ times this get old fast). This has been an issue for many over the course of two years with it arising and being fixed in only a few hours by the highly efficient developers.
I am getting it once again and just wonder if its only me (and i’ve buggered something) or if its more of us.

Also hoping to try double sided Eagle BRD for creating a 3D printer cable breakout so wish me luck.

You are not alone - I experience the exact same thing. Good luck on the double sided PCB!

@Eirik_Luhr Poop I was hoping it was just me having a bad day rather a coding bug.
Well I’m hoping to bypass it using my G15 keyboard scripting mouse clicks but even manual un/pause isn’t producing the differential mapping it does in the tutorial.

I don’t get pauses on my TinyG. What version spjs?

SPJS v1.39
TinyGv8 v440.20

The keyboard script worked and has milled a lovely PCB but drilling and dimension cutting seem to reset to 0,0,0 even though they were at the last position which was the other end of the board.

If you are really at 1.39 that is so ancient I don’t even recall that version. You need to upgrade to latest SPJS.

@jlauer oops will do

@jlauer minor sight issue. SPJS 1.89 not 1.39 upgrading to 1.92 as I type

I’m on SPJS 1.92, and using GRBL - however, I think my issue is rather related to the BRD import itself. I’ll write a new post with the details instead of hijacking this thread :slight_smile: