Good Deal on Edge Lamp

This seemed like a good deal… for use with laser-etched lamps??

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For a 2 pack I think that’s a pretty decent price. Especially for not having to wait for shipping from China. Might have to buy a pack. :slight_smile:

Just made this last week using one of these.

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Nicely done. What thickness acrylic did you use?

Approx 1/8, it”s a little loose, but a tight fit on the sides.

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Got these today:
2x bases
2X remote controllers
2X USB charging cables
1x acrylic blank; I will use this as a template to make more!

Seems good quality and value…

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This came across my Youtube feed today. Good tip from this was to not vector engrave too deeply or it can limit the light propagation through the acrylic.

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Seems quite similar to the ones I have ordered from Aliexpress.

I have received them recently and they seem to work fine. Still have to buy some acrylic and make something though.

The difference I see is that the ones I posted come with the acrylic :slight_smile:

Did not notice that :smiley:

Then it’s indeed quite a good deal. For sure if shipping times are better then Aliexpress.