Good day friends, I'm new to 3d technology I bought a creder ender3 but

(Jairo Palacios) #1

Good day friends, I’m new to 3d technology I bought a creder ender3 but I can not make a good impression, will have any recommendations ?, I send images of the first layers where they start to fail.

Buen día amigos, soy nuevo en la tecnología 3d me compré una creality ender3 pero no logro realizar una buena impresión, tendrán alguna recomendación, mando fotos de las primeras capas dónde empiezan a fallar.

(ThantiK) #2

You’ll want to check that your hot end is getting adequate cooling, that your filament is not slipping in the drive gear (where the filament is pushed into the hot end), and that your temperature is set correctly.

Essentially, look to find out where you see indications of this problem higher up in the chain of feeding filament, melting filament, etc. Disconnect the bowden tube, heat up the hot end. Can you push filament through by hand? It should be a little tough, but not overly so. If it’s tough, we gotta figure out what’s going on in the hot end. If it’s not tough to push while at temperature, then it’s gotta be the mechanism that feeds the filament into the hot end.

From there move back and check that your tensioning mechanism on the filament feeder is set tight enough that your filament isn’t slipping but not so tight that it flattens out the filament or gouges it out.

(Jairo Palacios) #3

Hello friend, I look at the tension of the X-axis band and note a bit of slack, I squeezed it and it improved a lot, also lower the injector a bit more.

I’m going to check the tests you mention have logic, I thank you very much friend. we are in touch.


Hola amigo, me fije en la tensión de la banda del eje X y note un poco de holgura , la apreté y mejoro bastante, también baje un poco mas el inyector.

voy a checar las pruebas que mencionas tienen lógica, te agradezco
bastante amigo. estamos en contacto.


(Greg Nutt) #4

What kind of filament, nozzle and first layer temperature?