GOLMART for as much as possible?

GOLMART for as much as possible?

I saw that golmart has got a listing for eustathios specific ball screws and I was wondering if anyone has sourced linear shaft, bearings, couplers etc from them as well? If their quality is acceptable I’d like to get as many hard parts as I can from them.

In general, since I haven’t built this specific printer, I use RDB Bearing… For my shafts and bearings and flex couplers or transmission cnc if you need rigid couplers (and they have great leadscrews)

misumi is good too.

@raykholo that transmission cnc shop has great prices.

@Jim_Stone Misumi is always my fallback if I decide to swing for the fences budget wise.

For the linear shafts I really do recommend MISUMI due to the tolerance. I’ve heard of people who spec the proper tolerance from Chinese suppliers and you get a mixed bag of whether or not you have the proper +/-. You would want to double check against the misumi tolerance listing for the part in the BOM. I am out right now and so I cannot confirm.

@Ben_Marks yeah, I originally avoided them because the shipping wasn’t free and seemed expensive, but then I realized that even with, say, $8 shipping the leadscrews were cheaper than the next comparable vendor with free shipping (aka shipping factored in). Those were some great quality tr8’s btw, also got a hollow Jeka 8 stepper and couplers from them and all came very quickly.

When you say tolerances are you mainly talking about straightness or the diameter consistency?

These are the misumi tolerance for g6 tolerance: