Going to wait another year until getting a decent 3D scanner...

(Marc “Lee” Towers) #1

Going to wait another year until getting a decent 3D scanner… I’ve seen people using kinects but would prefer the precision for the most part.

Will see what the competition is in a year.

(R. J. Zimmerman) #2

What kind of resolution and field of view are you looking for? How much do you expect it to cost?

(R. J. Zimmerman) #3

The creaform unit is significantly more expensive than a few hundred bucks and I think it’s highly unlikely that the new Kinect will reach either micron accuracy and even mm resolution!

The latest Kinect will get its 3D data from time-of-flight technology that Microsoft bought with Canesta. ToF is pretty darn great for gesture recognition, but it’s not very will suited to detailed resolution or accuracy.

I’m not a 3D printing expert so I am not sure exactly what would be good enough for your application or needs, but I’d be surprised if Kinect works out to be a good solution (even if it does get close to your price target!).

(Bart Hays) #4

Thoughts on David-Laserscanner I have a system setup. mostly recreational but it gets results…

(R. J. Zimmerman) #5

David-laserscanner seems to be the low cost leader right now…how’s it working for you? What, if any, complaints do you have?

(Ovidiu Stan) #6

I have used this one.
It’s pretty nice.

(Fairuz Adam) #7

Looks great. How much does it cost?