Going to do a 3D printing hangout  if anyone is interested.

Going to do a 3D printing hangout #throughglas if anyone is interested.

Originally shared by Daniel “Bit Wizard” Ward

This will be a “Hangout on Air”, the link for the video will be posted prior to the event starting.

Mixing two technologies that I am really interested in right now, Glass and 3D printing.

I will create something completely from scratch in Blender and print it. The whole time I will be in the Hangout with Glass to show my perspective of what it is like to create and print something.

It will be open to questions about both Glass and printing. I will do the best I can to answer each question.

Probably not as interesting for veteran printers, more for those interested in printing.

Sounds great.
What time-zone?

@David_Cushing Is is set at 7PM CST. I think G+ changes the time to your timezone for you