Go home meshmixer, you're drunk.

(Mike Miller) #1

Go home meshmixer, you’re drunk.

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(Jarek Szczepański) #4

it’s a second print in that weird position I saw today… you did it on purpose? what’s the advantage of that?

(Matthew Satterlee) #5

I just did a big dorky/embracing LOL in line at the grocery store… Awkward.

(Matt Harrington) #6

@Jarek_Szczepanski , it can help you reduce the angle of overhangs and also make the structure stronger. Some people relate it to the “angle of repose”.

(Mike Miller) #7

@Jarek_Szczepanski it was the orientation meshmixer chose to reduce the amount of support needed to print an effectively hollow structure. Other, more conventional attempts were less than successful.

(Justin Garski) #8

Meshmixer gets creative, but I’ve had good results. Also, if you’ve had curling off the tape, or pulling the tape up, this reduces the contact area as well.

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(Quincy Trott) #10

i laughing mu butt off!

(Smartfriendz: 3d printer kit) #11

haha… i should try this meshmixer… maybe we become friends ? ( to be frank, i don’t need him, to make that :slight_smile: