Glue specs?

Hi makers,
Google can’t help me.
I hope this strong community can.

I was looking for a clear overview of the glues selled on chinese websites,
But can’t find specs or data on google.

I was looking on specs/datasheet for:

The line: 703, 704, 705, 706, 708.
The line: B-3000, T-3000, Y-3000.
The line: B-5000, T-5000.
The line: B-6000, E-6000, T-6000.
The line: B-7000, T-7000, Y-7000.
The line: E-8000, T8000.
The line: 9000, B-9000, T-9000.
The Kafuter 2 component.
Are 502 and super5000 the same?


Dont think that you will get well approved specs from CN.
I would say, buy from a western brand, (henkel / loctite/ etc) pay some bucks more and have a helpdesk where you can ask. I also prefere chemicals which are approved and have a serious datasheet when it comes to R an S classification. Other thing using adhesives is that you would have to prepare /activate / clean/ roughen etc. the surfaces in the way its recommendet to be done to achieve the specs values…